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Guidelines for Parents Watching a Match

Some rules to remember! You are here to observe!
You have no part in the match. The match is  between your player and the opponent.
Your player could be penalized if you do not follow the rules.

The Tennis Court
Parents, coaches and anyone associated with the player are not allowed on the tennis court at any time, for any reason.  Make sure your player has everything they need before walking on the court. (Water, extra racquet, towel, snack)

Communication with your Player
If your player speaks to you while on court, do not respond. 
Coaching is considered to be communication, advice or instruction of any kind, audible or visible, to a player after the match has started. Use of any device cell phone, digital messages or any type of discreet signals to receive to your player is prohibited. No coaching during toilet break, medical time out, maladjustment of clothing.

Line calls
Spectators should never make calls.  A player shall not enlist the aid of a spectator in making a call. 

No abusive behavior towards player, Tournament Director or Official in language or body language will be tolerated.

Standards of Conduct
Players, persons who appear to be associated with a player (parents, coaches) are under a duty to encourage and maintain high standards of proper conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship.  They are under obligation to avoid acts which may be considered detrimental to the game of tennis. 

Tennis Official
Is a person who helps ensure that any given tennis match is conducted under the fairest possible conditions.  So, ideally, the official is helpful to the player and the spectators.

Do not applaud ERRORS OR BAD SHOTS  by the opponent,
only good shots that your player makes.

Thank you for your co-operation so everyone can enjoy the match.
Tournament Directors have been asked to give this out at all CDTA sanctioned tournaments..