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Point Penalty System & Sportsmanship to Player, Parents, Coaches & Friends

TO: Tennis Tournament Players, Parents, Coaches, Friends  

FROM:  Chicago District Tennis Association (CDTA)


Did you know that by entering a USTA sanction tournament you and anyone associated with you is under an obligation to maintain high standards of proper conduct, fair play and good sportsmanship?  So leave the bad sports behind!

What is the Point Penalty System?

This is the USTA's accepted method of match control which pertains to the player and everyone associated with a player including parents, coaches and friends.

The player will be penalized as follows:

• 1st offense point 
• 2nd offense game
• 3rd offense default

What conduct constitutes a penalty to the player?
Any of the following misconduct include the people associated with a player.

• Visible or audible profanity or obscenity
• Abuse of rackets, balls, equipment
• Verbal abuse or physical abuse of a player or official by a player
• Coaching by parents, friends or coaches. (including signaling)
• Retaliatory calls (obviously bad calls made in retaliation for the opponent's calls)
• Not putting forth your best effort

What conduct should be displayed at a tournament by parents, coaches
and friends?

• Be positive and supportive
• Do not put down the opponent
• Do not talk to the athlete after they have entered the court
• Do not signal the athlete after they have entered the court
• Do not go inside the court
• Applaud good shots
• Do not applaud errors or bad shots by the opponent

Playing a match is always a learning experience.  Support good sportsmanship
and no matter what happens you'll feel like a winner!