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Adult 18 & Over-Level Options
Adult 40 & Over-Level Options
Adult 55 & Over-(Team Combined)- Level Options
Adult 65 & Over-(Team Combined)-Level Options: (No National Championships)
Mixed 18 & Over-Level Options
Mixed 40 & Over-Level Options
Mixed 55 & Over-Level Options (No National Championships)
Combo 18 & Over (All Male or Female) 3 Doubles-Level Options
Tri-level 18 & Over-(includes 3 doubles each having a different level)

Select only ONE League Type per Team Application Above.

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I understand that this application is a commitment to enter a team in the league indicated above.  I acknowledge that I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the current Chicago District League Rules and Procedures and the captains duties (Captains News! page: "Frequently Asked Questions"; "Being a USTA League Captain") available from the CDTA website.
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* Changes in the information in this application must be made by sending in a revised form.  No changes will be accepted over the phone.  Acceptance of applications received after the season due date will be at the discretion of the District League Coordinator and the CDTA Adult League Committee.   REQUIRED PULLDOWN> 

CDTA/USTA LEAGUE TEAM APPLICATION-Captains must verify their team information on Tennis Link 48 hours after submitting the CDTA/USTA League Team Application by going to the link at the left titled... How To Find The Team Number  
I will verify my team information.



After hitting the submit button you should receive a Thank You for Submitting this Application on this screen. If you do not see the Thank you, something is missing on the form. Please scroll up to the top of the form and see which area's need correcting; they will be indicated in red. 
After correcting the form and resubmitting your USTA League Application you should receive a Thank You on this screen and a confirmation email from noreply@usta.com which includes a copy of your application. (Please check your spam folder) If you do not receive this email, your application did not go through. If you are having a problem filling out this application please contact the CDTA office.