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Grievance against an individual or team may only be filed by (a) the team captain of the team who has competed in the match where the alleged violation occurred, (b) a    league coordinator or (c) a member of a Championships Committee except for Administrative Grievances, Eligibility Grievances and NTRP Grievances which may be filed as stated in USTA League Regulations 3.03A(2), 3.03B(3), 3.03C(3) and 3.03E(2). 

Any league captain, coordinator or member of a championship committee has the right to file a NTRP Grievance against a player and/or captain. The grievance will claim that the player and/or captain committed or condoned obtaining a Self Rate or possesses a rating which is at a lower NTRP level but has demonstrated the ability to compete at a higher NTRP level.

Locally, Grievances are made to the District Grievance Committee. Forms downloaded above should be emailed to the CDTA office who will forward to the Grievance Committee.