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Congratulations to the Marian Wood Baird Cup Team 4th Win in a Row!



From Head Coach Mark Bey.

The Lady Bluebirds are the champions again!!!!!!    Amazing effort and did it in convincing fashion with fierce competitive spirit and class.    Ohio Valley is our number one rival in the history of the event and we defeated them 7-0.   A true testament to the depth of our team and the high caliber of doubles.   Coach Prousis again was the secret weapon doing an outstanding job of managing the team and providing support and turned several losing matches to our favor. Coach Bey was instrumental in the lineups and rotations, as the majority of the team played 6 or 7 out of ten matches and kept a fresh team on the courts the final day.   Tremendous leadership from Captains Kolie Allen and Michelle Bacalla keeping the team organized and the morale high.   Lots of order in our team universe, but the girls had tons of fun and laughs and bonded well throughout the weekend.   i would like to thank the CDTA and the committee for all the support and congratulations to all the girls and their families.  

In doubles, we won yet again at numbers 1 and 3.    Allen and Bacalla off first winning 8-4 then the #3 team of Porter and Jackson sealed the deal 8-4 to clinch.   Taylor and Choi were unfinished at number 2 doubles.  This is an outstanding  result as Ohio Valley is a very good team on the doubles side and their win in doubles over Central Indiana was the key to their victory in the semis.    Our understanding of teamwork and targets were very good and coach Prousis kept mixing up the formations and the other team never had a rhythm on our play calls.    
In singles, a different order of players finishing this time, but early scoreboard pressure on the opposing team with Palermo winning convincingly at position 6.   With that quick 2-0 lead, Captain Kolie Allen got us the 3rd point at #1 singles.   Then Finals MVP  Emma Jackson delivered the knockout blow at #2 singles to secure the title for the team.   Next was Captain Bacalla at #5 pulling it out in the 3rd set super breaker, then Emily Casati followed the same suit and won a 10 pt breaker at position 3.     Outstanding coaching by Prousis, cheering by the team and pressure performance by the girls.    Then we closed the show with Ohio Valley desperately wanting to win a match for pride having co-Captain Zoe Taylor pull out a 6-2, 1-6, 7-6 (5) win for the clean sweep.    Although the match was decided, both teams were cheering and the atmosphere was intense.   Zoe was down 6-5 in the third and came up with the goods to win the match.   
#1  dubs      Allen and Bacalla     over   Thomas and Alcala        8-4
#2  dubs     Taylor and Choi      unfinished  versus  Weil and Neihaus
#3  dubs      Porter and Jackson  over  Reinhart and Macavei    8-4
#1    Allen over Thomas     2 and 2
#2    Jackson over Niehaus   3 and 4      *    title clinching match
#3    Casati    over  Ratliff    7-5, 3-6, 10-5
#4    Taylor   over   Alcala    6-2 1-6  7-6  (5)
# 5   Bacalla  over  Coburn    1-6  6-4  10-2
#6    Palermo  over   Neel      2 and 2
Finals  MVP      Emma Jackson clinching both singles and doubles
Tournament MVP   Kolie Allen with a perfect 8-0 record in singles and doubles and playing all 4 matches on championship day.  
Team sportsmanship nominee    Zoe Taylor
MVP recap by match
Northern Indiana        Samantha Choi
Northern Michigan     Priscilla Palermo
Wisconsin                   Kolie Allen
NEO                            Darinka Stepan
Ohio Valley                  Emma Jackson
---This marks the 4th consecutive win for the CDTA girls program.   The coach tandem of Bey and Prousis are undefeated in dual match play at 20-0.
  In Baird/Wightman cup history, no team has won 4 consecutive titles.   
----The CDTA team has also won the doubles point 20 times in a row.
-----  The team had a special guest appearance by Pablo, the U of I player that was a big supporter of the team.  He provided motivation before the team final.  
          Each match win was followed by a dedication to "Pablo"
------The championship team says goodbye to two seniors.   Palermo and Porter.    Great contributions by both girls and outstanding members for the team.